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LiveRamp is the data collaboration platform of choice for the world’s most innovative companies.

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Cookies are disappearing, and you need a new marketing foundation to build upon for the next decade. Safe Haven preserves your audience data investment and creates powerful collaborative opportunities to safely and securely grow a more accurate, dynamic view of your customers.

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Controlled activation

Maximize the value of your marketing data. With 600+ turnkey integrations, you can connect with the best services to deepen your audience understanding, access new measurement reports, or begin a collaborative partnership to develop new predictive models or micro-segments.

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The better we know our customer, the better we can serve our customer, the better we can save them time and money. And so the opportunity to leverage that data set and to bring our manufacturing partners along and give them an opportunity to deliver a more personalized experience for our customers is the biggest reason why we're doing what we're doing today.
Chad Fox, VP, Chief Marketing Officer
Dollar General
Data collaboration helps us grow our business and ROI through a myriad of ways. It gives us the ability to stitch together first-party attributes to help us understand consumer intent and identify strategic partners we may not even be thinking about today. It's really the art of the possible if you put the customer and safety and soundness at the heart of your decision-making.
Lauri Vela, SVP, Performance Marketing Omni-Channel
LiveRamp will be a critical accelerator of Carrefour’s transformation into an industry-leading data-driven retailer. We are excited by our partnership with LiveRamp, working together to deliver robust new consumer insights and capabilities to hundreds of our CPG partners on a global scale.
Elodie Perthuisot, Executive Director E-Commerce, Data and Digital Transformation
Carrefour Group Carrefour logo
Data collaboration means bringing the data and insights that we have through our analytics and insights and pairing that with data that other companies may have.
Lana Rainier, NA Media Analytics & Insights Senior Director
Procter & Gamble
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Stop justifying marketing with impressions and clicks and talk to the rest of the C-suite with measurement that matters: incrementality, closed-loop measurement, journey analytics, revenue impact, and more. Bring together event-level conversion and exposure data to measure the business impact of everything you do.

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Advanced insights

Find new market opportunities, more effective audience strategies, and safely unify diverse data sources to create a complete view of your customer for modeling, analytics, and activation.

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Webinars for WFH Marketers - Retail & CPGs 1st party data collaboration

Data collaboration changes how CPGs do business

Learn how Hill’s Pet Nutrition architected innovative data collaborations with retail media networks.

  • Build a 360-degree view of customers
  • Keep customer experience at the core
  • Win along with your retail partners
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Solutions built for your needs


LiveRamp helps you build the foundation for an infinite number of superior customer experiences through cleaner datasets and turnkey campaign activation and measurement.

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Data Analytics

LiveRamp helps you remove common barriers to data management and measurement to gain more valuable insights and make better decisions.

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LiveRamp can improve a retailer's ability to get ahead of the curve and the competition by helping them better anticipate shopper needs and build partnerships that unlock the value to both improve access to and control over data.

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LiveRamp can help you deliver timely and relevant experiences across multiple touchpoints to create lasting loyalty and drive revenue.

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Information Security

LiveRamp’s platform is built with privacy and security in mind, and is used by global teams with the assurance that use cases enabled by LiveRamp are compliant with all major privacy legislation.

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Privacy & Legal

LiveRamp’s platform is used by global teams with the assurance that the use cases we enable adhere to all major privacy regulations while promoting innovation.

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